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The Perfect Marbella Dining Room

When you are designing your dining room, it is a good idea to start by thinking about how you want it to reflect your personality and your culinary tastes before contemplating what the space itself offers in terms of the style of furniture, accessories and the arrangement of both. In Marbella, we are blessed with a climate that permits long periods of al fresco dining as well as meals indoors during the winter months, and you will probably want to consider how to accommodate both in your home.


The contemporary dining style is much more flexible than in previous decades and, according to Flora Di Menna, a Canadian interior designer, is “very much inspired by the bounty of different lifestyles coexisting in our society, from formal to casual.”  She describes what we have moved away from very accurately: “Gone are the days of a four-walled, enclosed dining room with a table, chairs and pretty, framed picture over the buffet.” Indeed, we have dramatically departed from this convention, and in Marbella there are numerous opportunities to create more personalised dining areas that express an individual sense of style.


Personalisation is rapidly becoming the core concept in interior design and we as designers have already seen a rethinking of the dining room amongst clients, who no longer slavishly follow a furnishing style for the space where they enjoy eating and socialising around the table. Instead, they want to think about how the space to be used relates to the activity of cooking and eating, as well as connecting it to other living spaces, rather than cutting it off from them.


One of the ways that we can achieve a more contemporary use of space that also follows the concept of ‘flow’, which is particular to the modern home with its open plan arrangements, is by using sliding doors to provide a boundary between a dining space and another area whilst still ensuring that they feel connected.

Large sliding doors in a variety of materials are ideal because in summer they can be opened fully, and in winter they can be closed without losing the view of gardens, pool areas and the landscape. It is a solution that provides the best of both worlds.

The use of sliding panel systems is another option. Sliding panels are usually used on large expanses of glass windows or doors, but they also make attractive and easy to clean room dividers. With the array of panel fabrics, colours and designs available now, our choices are very much expanded.

Add to these ideas, a glass-fronted wine cellar, textured metallic wallpaper and other accessories that maximise the room’s light.  And then there is the table. The table is a central feature of any dining room and there is a multitude of designs to choose from that make a statement about your tastes, ranging from natural woods to stainless steel and glass.

Please contact us at ID Latina if you’re thinking of furnishing a new dining room or revamping your existing one – we will be delighted to talk through your ideas and offer you the right solutions for your home.

Transforming an older villa into a stunning new home

There is much focus these days on modern properties, but a contemporary home with all the style and mod cons you desire from 21st century living does not limit itself to new-built Marbella villas and apartments only.

In fact, many an existing property can bring fantastic advantages to the table, such as a top location (the best ones are always taken first) close to the beach or right on the golf course, an attractive mature residential area and a far lower price than a newly constructed home – especially when measured in price/square metre.

Older properties with great renovation potential in Marbella therefore represent fantastic value for money and a great investment, as well as giving you the first-hand choice of materials, colour tones, textures, layout and all the other factors that go into making the property your modern dream home. And you don’t have to be handy or have experience in renovating real estate to make it your own project, for companies such as ID Latinia are specialised in managing the process for you.

We bring your style to life

We have the technical skills, experience and design flair but you have the vision. After all, it’s your dream home, so we invest our time in understanding exactly what our clients have in mind so that we can deliver the homes and living spaces they have always dreamed of. Be it a small apartment or a large Marbella villa, one thing we assure you is that your property will be the very best it can – a reflection of your personal style, practical requirements and preferred way of life.

ID Latinia Interior Design Marbella

One of our most recent projects involved an older villa that was dark, boxy and rather unwelcoming. This did not do its saleability or value any good, and indeed it was easy to overlook such a home even though its price was certainly a selling point. But when a property has little else but price and a good location that is not always enough to appeal to the imagination of buyers…

Creating a stylish new Marbella home

Some vendors renovate their home to not fall into this spiral of lower values, while others see the potential of an older Marbella renovation property and snap up it for a good price. Especially in the latter case the next step is to transform a tired, dark and uninspiring villa into a home that is both a showcase of style and a comfortable place to live in 21st century luxury.

This is exactly what we were tasked to do with this villa, which we are proud to say has been transformed into a beautiful contemporary home full of light and modern features. The project involved not just the interior but also the garden and pool, a job which we relished as we turned unloved bedroom suites and guest rooms, tired bathrooms and a series of enclosed kitchens, lounge, dining and family rooms into a welcoming flow of open-plan living spaces and private quarters.

ID Latinia Interior Design Marbella

ID Latinia Interior design Marbella

The bedrooms and guestrooms now each feature their own character and interpretation of contemporary decorative themes with a touch of retro-inspired chic. Fine wallpapers, soft furnishings and carpets create a sense of refinement comfort and a personal space just made for retreating into. The attached bathrooms have gone from very standard to stand-out, with the use of modern furnishing, large tiles, pebble stones, sleek sanitary ware and highly effective soft lighting. Transforming a dull washroom into a private spa.

ID Latinia Interior Design Marbella

ID Latinia Interior design Marbella


The main living spaces have been similarly opened up to views of a clean, crisp landscaped garden in which space and green lawns provide the backdrop to daily life in the house with natural light brightening a lounge, dining room and kitchen now connected to each other. The terrace and renewed pool area offer a stylish extension of the elegant lifestyle of indoors, complete with a refined chill-out lounge feel for relaxing and entertaining.




In keeping with this inclusive lifestyle concept, no room is purely a functional space and all add to the beauty and desirability of the home. This is also particularly true of the tasteful kitchen, with its large cooking island/bar where it is a pleasure to socialise and linger. The same is true of the family room that extends from it, which like all other parts of the home blends form and function to create a sense of sophistication and style that is in harmony with its practical role and function.


Once again views are let in as you watch television or enjoy the modern gas fireplace, completing a renovation that was designed from a complete lifestyle concept in which the final furnishing and decorating is the cherry on the cake. With a renewed technical infrastructure, recessed ceilings and ambient light detailing, this Marbella villa is no longer an old home but now every bit as modern, stylish and valuable as a recently completed one.


Please contact us if you like what you see and would like to know more about renovating your Marbella villa or apartment.


A personal interior design service in Marbella

One of the glories of being a boutique interior design company is the liberating ability to work exactly as we would like, giving free rein to our creativity and permitting ourselves to commit totally to our clients in terms of time and energy.

Our ethos is to offer a tailored service that results in each property we work on having a unique interior look and ambience, often with custom made furniture designed specifically for the space we are working with.Interior Design ID Latinia Marbella

For us the allure of interior design as a career is the capability of using our creative talents and hard-won skills on a daily basis—each day brings a new challenge, whether in simple refurbishments or complete renovations. Not for us the bland corporate world of designing a ‘lowest common denominator’ interior aimed at offending nobody intended to be shoehorned into every apartment in a development—we use flair and imagination to produce memorable eye-catching, tasteful interiors on a bespoke basis. ID Latinia Interior Design

ID Latinia Interior Design

In order to achieve this we include each client in the design process—we talk to them and form a clear picture of the sort of lifestyle they envisage, any particular needs they may have and to gain an idea of their tastes and preferences. Once that is done we examine the property in question—whether it be a villa, apartment, restaurant, shop or boutique hotel—with uppermost in our thoughts the wonderful challenge of making each room totally unique, while at the same time following a well thought out theme.

ID Latinia Interior Design Marbella

The client is involved every step of the way so they can not only be sure they will love the finished article, but can also enjoy the process and know the result will be an expression of their personality. It is this sort of personal relationship with our customers that is central to our ethos and sets us apart from other firms. We don’t do interior design simply as a job but because we love the dedicated attention to detail and customer interaction inherent in our profession.

ID Latinia Interior Designers Marbella

In fact, we are proud to say that we not only create stunning interiors, but often make new friends too.

Should you have a refurbishment or renovation project please contact us for a friendly consultation—we have available a skilled team of artisans to help turn your ideas into stunning creations.

Giving a Marbella beauty salon a make-over

Even a beauty salon needs a beauty make-over every now and again, and that’s exactly what we did for Alqvumia in San Pedro Alcántara. The business is popular and well-established, but it has been operating for a while and the décor was beginning to look a little tired.

In addition to revamping the style and giving it an appealing contemporary look, we were also brought in to optimise the available space whilst making it feel welcoming and uncluttered – the kind of place where you begin to relax as soon as you step through the door. You see, people know us for creating attractive interior spaces, but we are also specialists in using space, light and textures. In fact, all of the above go hand in hand!

ID Latinia Beauty Salon Marbella

Creating a welcoming environment
The first step to creating a soothing, relaxing setting at Alqvumia is naturally at the entrance, so one of the most important spaces is the reception. The venue didn’t allow for an expansive one, so we had to use the space well. The process began by uncluttering the area, creating a new colour palette in copper and cream tones, and following this up with surfaces that are smooth and slick as well as warm and welcoming.

This set the tone for the whole salon, with modern parquet floors and soft tones used throughout. The reception desk was repositioned for optimal functionality and the room was allowed to breathe. We even found the space to fit a comfortable sofa and let natural light flow in, with a relaxing, ambient element provided by Terzani. The wall coverings and decorative pieces were mostly Casamance and Lamadrid, and we carried the theme of uncluttered, calming and also elegant spaces throughout the treatment rooms too.

ID Latinia Beauty Room after

ID Latinia Beauty Room Before copy

Soft earthy shades combined with the wooden floors to produce a chic setting enlivened with touches of cherry red and beautiful floral murals. Again, we allowed natural light into the rooms, coupled with warm, ambient lighting, and made optimal use of almost invisible storage space. Sleek white modern doors and frosted glass partitions kept the areas fresh and functional, while the bathrooms were brought right up to date with attractive decorative pieces and a quality finish.

ID Latinia Bathroom after


ID Latinia Interior Design Bathroom

In all, the whole transformation was carried out in five weeks, from concept to finish – and that includes the cabinetry and displays custom-designed and made by us! It was a fun project to work on and the limited space and very specific professional requirements of a beauty salon provided us with a wonderful challenge to design around. In other words, we love adding value through our functional solutions and visual beautification, and Alqvumia looks and feels like the five-star salon it is!

ID Latinia Beauty Salon