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Integrating antiques into your modern décor

Having a stylish modern home does not preclude you from incorporating classical elements, heirlooms and antiques into it. Indeed, there is no rule saying contemporary design has to be minimalist and pristinely homogenous.

Minimalism is a modern design school that was very much in vogue a few years ago. It comes in many forms but very often focuses on very clean, uncluttered, almost empty interiors dominated by sleek white walls whose at times barren aspect can create the kind of stark effect best left for the pages of design magazines and not real homes.

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Many homeowners and interior designers have come to the same conclusion and the style is increasingly overshadowed by richer interpretations of contemporary architecture and décor that involve other textures, colours and also more furniture and decoration in general, replacing the almost plastic-like quality of minimalist homes with a warmer environment.

Modern should be Fun!
We’re glad that things are going this way because, while we love modern homes there is absolutely no reason why contemporary designs and interiors can’t be fun. In fact, there is no incompatibility whatsoever between stylish refinement and fun. They say you should surround yourself with the things that make you happy, and it makes sense that this applies to homes.

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We all want a stylish interior to impress, but first and foremost your home should impress you – and make you happy. After all, you’re the one who spends the most time in it, so it should reflect your personality, and a little bit of stylish quirkiness helps to do that. So not only are heirlooms and antiques a welcome addition, they help your living space to be uniquely yours.

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Mix and match
Now that white-and-black are out and colour is back in we are moving back towards a happier design doctrine with lots of possibilities and scope for personal expression. Use colours and textures to set the tone, find stylish contemporary furniture and then add eclectic elements that can be antiques, ethnic pieces from around the world or even retro modern.

Those old tin toys could look great on display, as would a Bakelite telephone, an early radio or a medieval book displayed on an 18th century table. It takes a knowing touch to get it just right, but a home that blends contemporary décor with such eclectic elements looks all the better and more sophisticated for it, though you might need a little help from our side to get it just right!

Marbella Interior Design Studio

If you would like to liven up your modern home or renovate a property to blend modern and classical elements, we can help create a guaranteed and assured outcome ready for the pages of a décor magazine. Just contact us for a free consultation or drop by our studio for a coffee.


The Evolution of the Bath Tub

When it comes to interior design, the bathtub makes for an interesting decorative element in which the creative possibilities are endless. Long gone are the days when the bath was placed in the bathroom as simply a necessity. Today the bathroom has become the hub of relaxation, a place to unwind, reflect, dream and wash your troubles away.

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The Bathroom
These days, the bathroom is a room of importance within the home; many now feature the latest in technology, with steam showers, ipod docking stations, televisions and in shower telephones.

What was once a requirement has now become a luxury that can be styled into a tranquil haven within your home. The theme of your bathroom is defined by the décor and style that you use, placing a whirlpool bath next to large windows will not only enhance light and warmth but it will also create a sundeck look and feel within the bathroom. Adding accessories such as smooth pebbles, scented candles and chandelier lighting will help to create a sense of luxury, while green plants, wooden decorations and a walk-in tub produce a calming and natural ambiance ─perfect for enjoying some downtime after a busy day at work.

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Bathtub Design
We have seen the bathtub develop from the traditional cast iron model to the porcelain corner bath, the stone bath and now the very popular walk-in spa bath. With the bathtub the possibilities are endless, and when it comes to design, small details such as the claw-foot and waterfall taps add an elegant style to the bath, while large free-standing transparent and wooden designs turn the bathtub into a statement item.

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It’s not only the shape of this object that has evolved, so has its location. In recent years we have seen the bath move into the bedroom and even out to the terrace or garden—there is nothing more relaxing than a long soak while breathing in fresh air and gazing out at stunning views of mountains or the sun setting over the sea. Bath time has become an experience for the senses in its own right.


Interior Design Marbella

ID Latinia has extensive experience in bathroom design and can help you decide on a style and theme that will mirror your personality and make the most of your space. If you are thinking about redesigning your bathroom, or are looking for an alternate location within your apartment or villa in which to add a bath,  contact us to book your free interior design consultation at our showroom in Puerto Banús.

Stairways to heaven

Stairway or staircase design may be something that you only think about when you are in the process of building a new property on the Costa del Sol, but it is an important part of the overall look of your new residence and at ID Latinia we have some inspirational ideas to share with you on this subject.

Contemporary architecture demands stairs that harmonise with the overall style, and the diverse range of designs available now are far from being merely a functional element of architecture but are also beautiful design objects in their own right. They illustrate an aesthetic quality, creativity, design and innovation that are critical factors for creating the overall effect.

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Modern stairway design

Designers wishing to evoke a stylish ambience create modern stair designs to high artistic standards. For example, cantilevered structures accurately reflect the spirit of the time and modern glass stairs visually enlarge the space of the rooms they are in. Glass panelling enhances transparency and lightness, but metal or wooden stairs produce a sense of stability. Indeed, staircases offer a lot of creative freedom, as long as they fulfil their basic function.

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Stairway placement

When considering a design, it is also important to think about the placement of the staircase in the home, as it can separate key areas of the house and create a more dynamic living environment. It is also important to have a discussion with your architect about the ways in which a staircase can provide an opportunity for structural innovation that bridges the architectural gap between engineering and design. And, we’d also add that when choosing a design, consider what it will look like in the future; a well placed and beautifully designed staircase should never look dated.

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Stairways and light

Another point to consider in relation to a staircase is lighting. As stated earlier, a glass staircase expands the sense of light in the home and makes spaces feel larger. The use of LED lights in open treads and surrounding areas creates a stunning daytime look that at night becomes a spectacular feature.

Alternatively, you can take up the design challenge of enhancing the use of natural light on and around the staircase.

Overall, the design of a stairway can influence the choice of other materials throughout the home; not only does it physically link the floors of the house, it also has the potential to provide an aesthetic connection that runs through all the main design elements your home.

ID Latinia Interior Design Marbella

Lighting, or how to create the right mood

The original use of lighting was naturally purely to illuminate otherwise dark spaces, but very early on architects and designers realised how effective light could be to create a setting or mood. This was used to great and rather dramatic effect in cathedrals, temples and palaces, but it wasn’t long before for the art of lighting also found its way into private homes. Of course, in the beginning this was limited to luxury homes, but today all homeowners have access to ambient lighting. It isn’t so much a question of money but rather taste in how you choose the right ones, combine them and produce a setting that makes you feel at home.

ID Latinia Interior Design Marbella


You will have noticed that in hotels, restaurants and shops, great effort goes into setting the right tone and producing a welcoming ambience. Much of this is achieved with lighting, so the old industrial-style neon lighting of the past has been almost universally replaced with softer, warmer light that emits not a cold greenish-white glow but a golden one. Especially in winter this draws you in, makes you feel comfortable and transfers a stylish setting into a cosy, welcoming one.

ID Latinia Interior Design Marbella

To replicate this effect at home, focus more on smaller individual lamps strategically distributed near chairs, sofas and tables to produce an informal but elegant effect supported by the warm glow of spotlights. Make sure the bulbs you choose do not produce a bright, cold light but rather a yellowish-orange hue that emits a sense of warmth and wellbeing. The light they cast against walls and furniture will mark the room out as a space you will want to spend time in, so reserve brighter overhead lights for when you really need to see clearly and rely on lamps, shades and spotlights to create the right mood.

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A modern twist and very exciting development in this field is not only the rise to prominence of energy-saving LED lights but also the trend of creating skirting lights that highlight features such as cornices, bars, cabinetry, kitchens and other parts of the home whose styling and modern lines you want to stand out. What’s more, such lighting often comes with software that follows time settings or light sensors that automatically switch preselected lights on so that you don’t have to do the rounds yourself. You can also create light patterns – handy at parties but best avoided as part of serious décor – and change the intensity or even colour tone to suit your mood or the evening you have planned.

ID Latinia Interior Design Marbella

ID Latinia works together with the best lighting experts in Marbella to plan and create stunning lighting effects in the homes and commercial premises we decorate, renovate and dress. Please contact us if you would like to know more about what is possible with lighting today.



Fine fabrics that make a difference

As interior designers we are not only passionate about furniture, accessories, wallpaper, lighting, paint types and materials such as wood, stone, marble and steel that create a whole range of tonal and textural possibilities – we also love fabrics!

ID Latinia Interior Design Studio Marbella


Soft furnishings are a very important element in making your home look stunning, stylish and also comfortable and welcoming. They can convey a particular look, set the tone for your preferred style and also provide the soft, cosseting materials that are beautiful to look at and gorgeous to the touch. Some people prefer harder, more solid upholstery, where others love to sink away in the plush comfort of cushions, pillows and duvets. Carpets can produce a similar effect, as can curtains, drapes and tapestries.

ID Latinia Interior Designer Marbella


The modern styles that dominate today err on the side of minimalism or at least shy away from too much in the way of soft furnishings, but this is not to say that you cannot make your home super comfortable, cosy and stylish at the same time. Fortunately there is a wide range of materials, textures, tones and designs available to hit the note you’re looking for. With the most minimalist tendencies beginning to gradually fade and be replaced by warmer, eclectic blends you can also give your individual taste and personality free reign.

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Dedar Milano

At ID Latinia we work with a broad palette of suppliers, aiming always to offer our clients quality and value, and for this reason we scour the international markets for exciting new finds. One of the most impressive ones in recent years is a brand called Dedar Milano, which recently was awarded two important design awards. Elle Decoration Russia chose the Dalie Papaveri Tulipani as the Best Fabric of 2016, while the Silkbird Jacquard was named Collection of the Year by The World of Interiors. It’s also one of our favourites, and even has pride of place in the shop window display of ID Latinia in Puerto Banús.

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Come and visit us and see this and other glorious materials for yourself. We will be happy to advise you on the best in soft furnishings and how to use them to make your home a stunner.













Festive styling for a Marbella Christmas

Preparing your home for the festive season plays a very important role in getting you in the mood for the holiday season. This is even truer if you have young children at home, who are probably already clamouring for the Christmas tree to go up and the boxes of decorations to be retrieved from storage. But, there is more to dressing your home for Christmas than simply putting up a tree and some tinsel; think of it as an extension of dressing yourself for festivities and then appraise your home as a canvas to reflect your personality in the same way as your wardrobe.

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Dressing the rooms

The sitting room is typically the focal point for setting a festive scene and it is usually where the tree will go, however, if you have a villa with a high-ceilinged hallway or atrium, this would be an attractive alternative. The dining room is another area that requires decorations and the key to successfully styling your home at Christmas is to look for the kind of seasonal accessories that complement the overall style of the home. Opting for a colour theme for decorations is one way to ensure that the end result is not a tacky rainbow of tinsel and glitter.

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Lighting has a huge impact on atmosphere. One only has to think of Christmas scenes of the past, where firelight illuminates the guests gathered around it, whilst the rest of the room benefits from the subtle tones of candlelight. Softening the lighting in your home will make it feel warmer and therefore more festive, so this is the perfect time to indulge in a new collection of candles that fit in with your colour scheme and give off gorgeous Christmas scents.

Interior Designers Marbella

Interior Design Marbella

From indoors to the terrace

Adding scatter cushions and throws in festive colours or with seasonal designs will also make you get into the spirit of the season, and why not decorate the terrace with the addition of an outdoor heater, throws to keep your guests warm and some stylish Christmas lights to add some more cheer.

Interior Design Marbella

ID Latinia Marbella

Modern vs traditional

Many Marbella residents prefer traditional decorations such as a natural tree, or an artificial one that is green. However, some people like a modern theme with a white tree that uses purple and blue decorations, where the purists prefer red and gold. Another possibility is to forget about having a tree at all and choose a festive wall hanging or wall art as the focus of your celebrations. Modernists can also replace the traditional log fire with an electric fire with special effects.

ID Latinia Interior Design Marbella

Interior Design Marbella

Interior Designers Marbella

Home Styling Marbella

Visit us at ID Latinia to pick up your decorations and for further ideas about styling your home for a very happy Marbella Christmas!


The Perfect Marbella Dining Room

When you are designing your dining room, it is a good idea to start by thinking about how you want it to reflect your personality and your culinary tastes before contemplating what the space itself offers in terms of the style of furniture, accessories and the arrangement of both. In Marbella, we are blessed with a climate that permits long periods of al fresco dining as well as meals indoors during the winter months, and you will probably want to consider how to accommodate both in your home.


The contemporary dining style is much more flexible than in previous decades and, according to Flora Di Menna, a Canadian interior designer, is “very much inspired by the bounty of different lifestyles coexisting in our society, from formal to casual.”  She describes what we have moved away from very accurately: “Gone are the days of a four-walled, enclosed dining room with a table, chairs and pretty, framed picture over the buffet.” Indeed, we have dramatically departed from this convention, and in Marbella there are numerous opportunities to create more personalised dining areas that express an individual sense of style.


Personalisation is rapidly becoming the core concept in interior design and we as designers have already seen a rethinking of the dining room amongst clients, who no longer slavishly follow a furnishing style for the space where they enjoy eating and socialising around the table. Instead, they want to think about how the space to be used relates to the activity of cooking and eating, as well as connecting it to other living spaces, rather than cutting it off from them.


One of the ways that we can achieve a more contemporary use of space that also follows the concept of ‘flow’, which is particular to the modern home with its open plan arrangements, is by using sliding doors to provide a boundary between a dining space and another area whilst still ensuring that they feel connected.

Large sliding doors in a variety of materials are ideal because in summer they can be opened fully, and in winter they can be closed without losing the view of gardens, pool areas and the landscape. It is a solution that provides the best of both worlds.

The use of sliding panel systems is another option. Sliding panels are usually used on large expanses of glass windows or doors, but they also make attractive and easy to clean room dividers. With the array of panel fabrics, colours and designs available now, our choices are very much expanded.

Add to these ideas, a glass-fronted wine cellar, textured metallic wallpaper and other accessories that maximise the room’s light.  And then there is the table. The table is a central feature of any dining room and there is a multitude of designs to choose from that make a statement about your tastes, ranging from natural woods to stainless steel and glass.

Please contact us at ID Latina if you’re thinking of furnishing a new dining room or revamping your existing one – we will be delighted to talk through your ideas and offer you the right solutions for your home.

The multi-talented team behind ID Latinia

Our clients and peers know ID Latinia as one of the leading interior design studios in Marbella, a company with a solid reputation and a proud portfolio of projects to its name. At the heart of this creative residential and commercial design firm are María Florido and Ruth Torre, who founded the company 16 years ago.

The careers of both designers took them to different parts of the world, María working for French Connection and Joseph in London, and Ruth designing sets for motion pictures and TV commercials in Spain and South America, before the duo settled back in their home region and dedicated themselves to Marbella’s prominent interior design field.

Interior Design Marbella

Together they form a creative, effective team augmented and enhanced by the people they have selected to work within them, both within ID Latinia and as trusted suppliers. This includes production assistants who help with the coordination of projects, but also seamstresses, carpenters, technicians, lighting specialists, home automation engineers, constructors, artisans and specialists in upholstery.

It is a team that combines creative conceptual thinking and aesthetic flair with the need to be efficient, stick to budgets and remain true to deadlines. In the process, ID Latinia produces beautiful Marbella living environments in which form and function – style and practicality – are harmoniously matched, and clients’ expectations exceeded.

ID Latinia Interior Design marbella

“We also work closely with architects and landscapers,” says María, who along with Ruth has decorated show flats, villas, penthouses and country properties as well as restaurants, golf clubhouses and entire hotels. Their work has been featured in interior design magazines and extends beyond Marbella to include the UK, Malta, Italy, Colombia, the USA and the rest of Spain.

“We are very happy to be working in such a creative and rewarding field,” adds Ruth, “and it is only because we have such a fantastic team of skilled and dedicated professionals that ID Latinia can call itself one of the leading interior design companies not only in Marbella but indeed this part of Spain.” The team enhance one another and add a broad range of skills and options for clients, so get in touch if you want to know how your home can become everything you ever wished it to be.

Transforming an older villa into a stunning new home

There is much focus these days on modern properties, but a contemporary home with all the style and mod cons you desire from 21st century living does not limit itself to new-built Marbella villas and apartments only.

In fact, many an existing property can bring fantastic advantages to the table, such as a top location (the best ones are always taken first) close to the beach or right on the golf course, an attractive mature residential area and a far lower price than a newly constructed home – especially when measured in price/square metre.

Older properties with great renovation potential in Marbella therefore represent fantastic value for money and a great investment, as well as giving you the first-hand choice of materials, colour tones, textures, layout and all the other factors that go into making the property your modern dream home. And you don’t have to be handy or have experience in renovating real estate to make it your own project, for companies such as ID Latinia are specialised in managing the process for you.

We bring your style to life

We have the technical skills, experience and design flair but you have the vision. After all, it’s your dream home, so we invest our time in understanding exactly what our clients have in mind so that we can deliver the homes and living spaces they have always dreamed of. Be it a small apartment or a large Marbella villa, one thing we assure you is that your property will be the very best it can – a reflection of your personal style, practical requirements and preferred way of life.

ID Latinia Interior Design Marbella

One of our most recent projects involved an older villa that was dark, boxy and rather unwelcoming. This did not do its saleability or value any good, and indeed it was easy to overlook such a home even though its price was certainly a selling point. But when a property has little else but price and a good location that is not always enough to appeal to the imagination of buyers…

Creating a stylish new Marbella home

Some vendors renovate their home to not fall into this spiral of lower values, while others see the potential of an older Marbella renovation property and snap up it for a good price. Especially in the latter case the next step is to transform a tired, dark and uninspiring villa into a home that is both a showcase of style and a comfortable place to live in 21st century luxury.

This is exactly what we were tasked to do with this villa, which we are proud to say has been transformed into a beautiful contemporary home full of light and modern features. The project involved not just the interior but also the garden and pool, a job which we relished as we turned unloved bedroom suites and guest rooms, tired bathrooms and a series of enclosed kitchens, lounge, dining and family rooms into a welcoming flow of open-plan living spaces and private quarters.

ID Latinia Interior Design Marbella

ID Latinia Interior design Marbella

The bedrooms and guestrooms now each feature their own character and interpretation of contemporary decorative themes with a touch of retro-inspired chic. Fine wallpapers, soft furnishings and carpets create a sense of refinement comfort and a personal space just made for retreating into. The attached bathrooms have gone from very standard to stand-out, with the use of modern furnishing, large tiles, pebble stones, sleek sanitary ware and highly effective soft lighting. Transforming a dull washroom into a private spa.

ID Latinia Interior Design Marbella

ID Latinia Interior design Marbella


The main living spaces have been similarly opened up to views of a clean, crisp landscaped garden in which space and green lawns provide the backdrop to daily life in the house with natural light brightening a lounge, dining room and kitchen now connected to each other. The terrace and renewed pool area offer a stylish extension of the elegant lifestyle of indoors, complete with a refined chill-out lounge feel for relaxing and entertaining.




In keeping with this inclusive lifestyle concept, no room is purely a functional space and all add to the beauty and desirability of the home. This is also particularly true of the tasteful kitchen, with its large cooking island/bar where it is a pleasure to socialise and linger. The same is true of the family room that extends from it, which like all other parts of the home blends form and function to create a sense of sophistication and style that is in harmony with its practical role and function.


Once again views are let in as you watch television or enjoy the modern gas fireplace, completing a renovation that was designed from a complete lifestyle concept in which the final furnishing and decorating is the cherry on the cake. With a renewed technical infrastructure, recessed ceilings and ambient light detailing, this Marbella villa is no longer an old home but now every bit as modern, stylish and valuable as a recently completed one.


Please contact us if you like what you see and would like to know more about renovating your Marbella villa or apartment.


Unique to you—bespoke interior design in Marbella

In a previous blog we explained our philosophy and business ethos of offering a bespoke service to our clients when designing an elegant new interior for their villas or apartments.

We recently completed a new project in the Puerto Banús, Marbella, complex of Playas del Duque. This was the latest apartment we totally renovated and refurbished within the complex recently—the first can be seen here—and we thought it presented an excellent opportunity to show how we can take two similar apartments and come up with unique results, whilst following the same modern trends. Yes, there are some similarities, but the end effects differ in not just detail but also in how they are tailored to the lifestyle options desired by the respective owners.

ID Latinia Interior Designers Marbella

While the apartment in our latest project offers more space—three bedrooms instead of two, and larger living areas—the basic challenges remained the same. The shapes of the main living rooms are basically rectangular, meaning care and attention to the smallest detail was required to ensure the desired open-plan arrangement provides a clean aspect without losing a ‘homely’ and welcoming feel.

Id Latinia Interior Design Marbella

Interier Design Marbella

Interior design Studio Marbella

As our picture shows the secret is to create ‘spaces within the space’, that flow naturally into each other. In this case the main lounge area was of particular importance to the owner, who needed ample seating both inside and out.

By carefully selecting the outdoor furniture we ensured that the colours and patterns used complemented those of the interior despite being strikingly different. As a result, the indoor living area flows through the large patio doors onto the terrace, thus creating one extended living space.

ID Latinia Interior Design Marbella

Whilst in our previous project the concept of outdoor dining was of prime importance—hence the siting of a dining table and chairs on the terrace—here an ‘outdoor lounge’ entertaining area was the preferred option—as can be seen from this picture. Ample, comfortable seating with a large, stylish coffee table reflects the indoor arrangement—but both are perfect spaces in which to relax with friends and family.

ID Latinia Interior Design Marbella

The dining area had to be functional as well as look good—this unusual table and chairs added just the right touch to emphasise the style we wanted to achieve, while the hanging lamps over the dining table and in the main television zone add a three dimensional aspect to the design that is crucial in softening what would otherwise be a hall-like space. Equally as important is the attention to detail shown by the selection of vases and ornaments, the clean-line cabinets and especially the beautiful marble-vein effect ‘highlight wall’. This spectacular feature offers the contrast needed in such a room, where the other walls are presented in lighter hues.

The kitchen also follows the crisp, open plan theme, while the bedrooms have been artfully designed to convey a cosy, warmer ambience.

ID Latinia Interior design

If you compare the two apartments it can be seen they both follow the latest trends—but each is unique, reflecting the personalities and preferences of their owners—and that’s what we consider to be our main objective.