Stairway or staircase design may be something that you only think about when you are in the process of building a new property on the Costa del Sol, but it is an important part of the overall look of your new residence and at ID Latinia we have some inspirational ideas to share with you on this subject.

Contemporary architecture demands stairs that harmonise with the overall style, and the diverse range of designs available now are far from being merely a functional element of architecture but are also beautiful design objects in their own right. They illustrate an aesthetic quality, creativity, design and innovation that are critical factors for creating the overall effect.

Modern stairway design

Designers wishing to evoke a stylish ambience create modern stair designs to high artistic standards. For example, cantilevered structures accurately reflect the spirit of the time and modern glass stairs visually enlarge the space of the rooms they are in. Glass panelling enhances transparency and lightness, but metal or wooden stairs produce a sense of stability. Indeed, staircases offer a lot of creative freedom, as long as they fulfil their basic function.

Stairway placement

When considering a design, it is also important to think about the placement of the staircase in the home, as it can separate key areas of the house and create a more dynamic living environment. It is also important to have a discussion with your architect about the ways in which a staircase can provide an opportunity for structural innovation that bridges the architectural gap between engineering and design. And, we’d also add that when choosing a design, consider what it will look like in the future; a well placed and beautifully designed staircase should never look dated.

Stairways and light

Another point to consider in relation to a staircase is lighting. As stated earlier, a glass staircase expands the sense of light in the home and makes spaces feel larger. The use of LED lights in open treads and surrounding areas creates a stunning daytime look that at night becomes a spectacular feature.

Alternatively, you can take up the design challenge of enhancing the use of natural light on and around the staircase.

Overall, the design of a stairway can influence the choice of other materials throughout the home; not only does it physically link the floors of the house, it also has the potential to provide an aesthetic connection that runs through all the main design elements your home.