When it comes to interior design, the bathtub makes for an interesting decorative element in which the creative possibilities are endless. Long gone are the days when the bath was placed in the bathroom as simply a necessity. Today the bathroom has become the hub of relaxation, a place to unwind, reflect, dream and wash your troubles away.

The Bathroom

These days, the bathroom is a room of importance within the home; many now feature the latest in technology, with steam showers, ipod docking stations, televisions and in shower telephones.

What was once a requirement has now become a luxury that can be styled into a tranquil haven within your home. The theme of your bathroom is defined by the décor and style that you use, placing a whirlpool bath next to large windows will not only enhance light and warmth but it will also create a sundeck look and feel within the bathroom. Adding accessories such as smooth pebbles, scented candles and chandelier lighting will help to create a sense of luxury, while green plants, wooden decorations and a walk-in tub produce a calming and natural ambiance ─perfect for enjoying some downtime after a busy day at work.

Bathtub Design

We have seen the bathtub develop from the traditional cast iron model to the porcelain corner bath, the stone bath and now the very popular walk-in spa bath. With the bathtub the possibilities are endless, and when it comes to design, small details such as the claw-foot and waterfall taps add an elegant style to the bath, while large free-standing transparent and wooden designs turn the bathtub into a statement item.

It’s not only the shape of this object that has evolved, so has its location. In recent years we have seen the bath move into the bedroom and even out to the terrace or garden—there is nothing more relaxing than a long soak while breathing in fresh air and gazing out at stunning views of mountains or the sun setting over the sea. Bath time has become an experience for the senses in its own right.

ID Latinia has extensive experience in bathroom design and can help you decide on a style and theme that will mirror your personality and make the most of your space. If you are thinking about redesigning your bathroom, or are looking for an alternate location within your apartment or villa in which to add a bath, contact us to book your free interior design consultation at our showroom in Puerto Banús.