Colour trends

The overriding movement in 2017 is towards softer, gentler, dreamier tones that set the tone for a comfortable home in which cosiness and wellbeing blend with style to produce a harmonious balance between form and function. There is no one colour that we will all have to slavishly apply – let your personality and inspiration guide you. But this year bright and bold make a splash, and pastel tones make a comeback. This return to colour of itself signals a certain fatigue with the black-and-white minimalism of recent years, so let’s celebrate with a wonderful palate of tones that brighten up home and heart.

Wacky details

If you’re looking for the latest print and wallpaper designs, don’t be surprised if you come across a lot of wacky designs featuring colourful cactus and leaves. Paris-based design studio Pierre Frey is making a splash with them right now and has let the inner child out and made it acceptable for youthful motifs to spill over into ‘grown-up’ parts of the house. In the same vein, mixed patterns are brightening up bedrooms with their complementary matching of colours and tones, while softer textures that offer more tactile interaction on sofas, beds and walls are further enhancing the latest colour shifts.

Faux textures

Once unseemly, faux finishes are now very much in. This is partly because the latest technologies make them look fantastically real not just to look at but also to the touch. There’s a real sense of quality about faux wooden beams, marble floors, stone columns, leather dressing and a range of other applications that is enthusing many about the boundless possibilities they offer. Rugs need similarly not be made of real wool or cotton, but having a nice quality carpet adorning important floor spaces is part of the latest decoration trend.

Softer modern

Modern technology and styles continue to be highly popular, but 2017 sees a concerted desire to soften the effect and make it less industrial and more sensitive to the human living environment. In keeping with this, handcrafted accessories and furnishings made by artisans have also made a significant comeback. Put these in the spotlight along with the rest of your home’s décor by ambient, but at times also quirky lighting.

Material finishes

Finally, while there is a swing towards matte finishes, as seen in matte concrete floor tiles, brass details, wooden kitchen elements and furniture to complement pieces already in your home, glossy materials such as lacquered cabinets and shelves are still on trend. Overall, then, the trend is towards homeliness, comfort and wellbeing that remains innately stylish and visually enthralling.

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