The original use of lighting was naturally purely to illuminate otherwise dark spaces, but very early on architects and designers realised how effective light could be to create a setting or mood. This was used to great and rather dramatic effect in cathedrals, temples and palaces, but it wasn’t long before for the art of lighting also found its way into private homes. Of course, in the beginning this was limited to luxury homes, but today all homeowners have access to ambient lighting. It isn’t so much a question of money but rather taste in how you choose the right ones, combine them and produce a setting that makes you feel at home.

You will have noticed that in hotels, restaurants and shops, great effort goes into setting the right tone and producing a welcoming ambience. Much of this is achieved with lighting, so the old industrial-style neon lighting of the past has been almost universally replaced with softer, warmer light that emits not a cold greenish-white glow but a golden one. Especially in winter this draws you in, makes you feel comfortable and transfers a stylish setting into a cosy, welcoming one.

To replicate this effect at home, focus more on smaller individual lamps strategically distributed near chairs, sofas and tables to produce an informal but elegant effect supported by the warm glow of spotlights. Make sure the bulbs you choose do not produce a bright, cold light but rather a yellowish-orange hue that emits a sense of warmth and wellbeing. The light they cast against walls and furniture will mark the room out as a space you will want to spend time in, so reserve brighter overhead lights for when you really need to see clearly and rely on lamps, shades and spotlights to create the right mood.

A modern twist and very exciting development in this field is not only the rise to prominence of energy-saving LED lights but also the trend of creating skirting lights that highlight features such as cornices, bars, cabinetry, kitchens and other parts of the home whose styling and modern lines you want to stand out. What’s more, such lighting often comes with software that follows time settings or light sensors that automatically switch preselected lights on so that you don’t have to do the rounds yourself. You can also create light patterns – handy at parties but best avoided as part of serious décor – and change the intensity or even colour tone to suit your mood or the evening you have planned.

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