Having a stylish modern home does not preclude you from incorporating classical elements, heirlooms and antiques into it. Indeed, there is no rule saying contemporary design has to be minimalist and pristinely homogenous.

Minimalism is a modern design school that was very much in vogue a few years ago. It comes in many forms but very often focuses on very clean, uncluttered, almost empty interiors dominated by sleek white walls whose at times barren aspect can create the kind of stark effect best left for the pages of design magazines and not real homes.

Many homeowners and interior designers have come to the same conclusion and the style is increasingly overshadowed by richer interpretations of contemporary architecture and décor that involve other textures, colours and also more furniture and decoration in general, replacing the almost plastic-like quality of minimalist homes with a warmer environment.

Modern should be fun!

We’re glad that things are going this way because, while we love modern homes there is absolutely no reason why contemporary designs and interiors can’t be fun. In fact, there is no incompatibility whatsoever between stylish refinement and fun. They say you should surround yourself with the things that make you happy, and it makes sense that this applies to homes.

We all want a stylish interior to impress, but first and foremost your home should impress you – and make you happy. After all, you’re the one who spends the most time in it, so it should reflect your personality, and a little bit of stylish quirkiness helps to do that. So not only are heirlooms and antiques a welcome addition, they help your living space to be uniquely yours.

Mix and match

Now that white-and-black are out and colour is back in we are moving back towards a happier design doctrine with lots of possibilities and scope for personal expression. Use colours and textures to set the tone, find stylish contemporary furniture and then add eclectic elements that can be antiques, ethnic pieces from around the world or even retro modern.

Those old tin toys could look great on display, as would a Bakelite telephone, an early radio or a medieval book displayed on an 18th century table. It takes a knowing touch to get it just right, but a home that blends contemporary décor with such eclectic elements looks all the better and more sophisticated for it, though you might need a little help from our side to get it just right!

If you would like to liven up your modern home or renovate a property to blend modern and classical elements, we can help create a guaranteed and assured outcome ready for the pages of a décor magazine. Just contact us for a free consultation or drop by our studio for a coffee.