Preparing your home for the festive season plays a very important role in getting you in the mood for the holiday season. This is even truer if you have young children at home, who are probably already clamouring for the Christmas tree to go up and the boxes of decorations to be retrieved from storage. But, there is more to dressing your home for Christmas than simply putting up a tree and some tinsel; think of it as an extension of dressing yourself for festivities and then appraise your home as a canvas to reflect your personality in the same way as your wardrobe.

Dressing the rooms

The sitting room is typically the focal point for setting a festive scene and it is usually where the tree will go, however, if you have a villa with a high-ceilinged hallway or atrium, this would be an attractive alternative. The dining room is another area that requires decorations and the key to successfully styling your home at Christmas is to look for the kind of seasonal accessories that complement the overall style of the home. Opting for a colour theme for decorations is one way to ensure that the end result is not a tacky rainbow of tinsel and glitter.


Lighting has a huge impact on atmosphere. One only has to think of Christmas scenes of the past, where firelight illuminates the guests gathered around it, whilst the rest of the room benefits from the subtle tones of candlelight. Softening the lighting in your home will make it feel warmer and therefore more festive, so this is the perfect time to indulge in a new collection of candles that fit in with your colour scheme and give off gorgeous Christmas scents.

From indoors to the terrace

Adding scatter cushions and throws in festive colours or with seasonal designs will also make you get into the spirit of the season, and why not decorate the terrace with the addition of an outdoor heater, throws to keep your guests warm and some stylish Christmas lights to add some more cheer.

Modern vs traditional

Many Marbella residents prefer traditional decorations such as a natural tree, or an artificial one that is green. However, some people like a modern theme with a white tree that uses purple and blue decorations, where the purists prefer red and gold. Another possibility is to forget about having a tree at all and choose a festive wall hanging or wall art as the focus of your celebrations. Modernists can also replace the traditional log fire with an electric fire with special effects.

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