Even a beauty salon needs a beauty make-over every now and again, and that’s exactly what we did for Alqvumia in San Pedro Alcántara. The business is popular and well-established, but it has been operating for a while and the décor was beginning to look a little tired.

In addition to revamping the style and giving it an appealing contemporary look, we were also brought in to optimise the available space whilst making it feel welcoming and uncluttered – the kind of place where you begin to relax as soon as you step through the door. You see, people know us for creating attractive interior spaces, but we are also specialists in using space, light and textures. In fact, all of the above go hand in hand!

Creating a welcoming environment

The first step to creating a soothing, relaxing setting at Alqvumia is naturally at the entrance, so one of the most important spaces is the reception. The venue didn’t allow for an expansive one, so we had to use the space well. The process began by uncluttering the area, creating a new colour palette in copper and cream tones, and following this up with surfaces that are smooth and slick as well as warm and welcoming.

This set the tone for the whole salon, with modern parquet floors and soft tones used throughout. The reception desk was repositioned for optimal functionality and the room was allowed to breathe. We even found the space to fit a comfortable sofa and let natural light flow in, with a relaxing, ambient element provided by Terzani. The wall coverings and decorative pieces were mostly Casamance and Lamadrid, and we carried the theme of uncluttered, calming and also elegant spaces throughout the treatment rooms too.

Soft earthy shades combined with the wooden floors to produce a chic setting enlivened with touches of cherry red and beautiful floral murals. Again, we allowed natural light into the rooms, coupled with warm, ambient lighting, and made optimal use of almost invisible storage space. Sleek white modern doors and frosted glass partitions kept the areas fresh and functional, while the bathrooms were brought right up to date with attractive decorative pieces and a quality finish.

In all, the whole transformation was carried out in five weeks, from concept to finish – and that includes the cabinetry and displays custom-designed and made by us! It was a fun project to work on and the limited space and very specific professional requirements of a beauty salon provided us with a wonderful challenge to design around. In other words, we love adding value through our functional solutions and visual beautification, and Alqvumia looks and feels like the five-star salon it is!