The fact that ID Latinia is not limited to private homes but also takes on commercial projects such as restaurants, boutiques, hotels and golf and country clubs is evidenced by the design of El Campanario – a stylish golf and country club situated just west of San Pedro Alcántara.

Built not merely as a clubhouse but also to provide a stylish social hub for the residents of the upmarket El Campanario residential urbanisation, the club is a very special spot surrounded by the lush greenery of a 9-hole golf course and a beautifully designed tropical garden complete with ponds, bridges and water features.

Originally inspired by the spa retreats of Bali, the building is a study in softly rounded, white-plaster Mediterranean architecture that is further enhanced with the gentle touches of Asian style wood, thatched roofs and water courses. Indeed, this complex has a somewhat colonial feel about it, right down to a wooden bridge over a manmade pond that one crosses to enter the reception area.

Here members and guests will find a gym, spa with heated indoor pool, a stylish bar and restaurant with elegant terrace, and more private areas in which to retreat for some rest, socialising or meetings. Our brief was to create a suitably tasteful decorative environment for the member’s club, and our challenge was to add further to the beauty of the building and its setting.

El Campanario has a very relaxing, refined ambience, so we worked with this, the architectural layout and the colonial feel of the complex to produce a country club environment that is exclusive and special whilst also being casual and inviting. Pomp and ceremony were avoided in favour of creating an intimate space that enhances the atmosphere of a select country club and spa – all the more one with a somewhat Asian/colonial feel.

We therefore sourced suitable furniture and decorative pieces that have a timeless quality about them, creating a setting in which style and comfort are in balance, where noble dark woods are offset by fine porcelain, handcrafted pieces and other noble materials. El Campanario feels like a true country club and spa but it is neither stuffy or old-fashioned nor the knee-jerk response to a passing trend. In other words, we are proud of the fact that we produced an environment that has evolved and grown with the times, offering those who enter this elegant space a sense of quality and refinement that has a style and charm all of its own.