Marbella apartments feature a diverse variety of terraces, many with Mediterranean Sea views. They can differ greatly in size, orientation, configuration and décor but many are not used to their full potential. A stylish, comfortable outdoor area is a true enrichment to your home and lifestyle – here are some tips on how to create your own outdoor paradise.

Enhancing your terrace is usually a lifestyle decision aimed at expanding and beautifying your available living spaces, but naturally as you do so, it also greatly increases the desirability of your property by improving its saleability and value. Moreover, it isn’t limited to large terraces either, as you’ll be amazed what can be achieved even in a relatively small terrace area.

Common mistakes to avoid

As people have a tendency to decorate outdoor living areas with a very standard set of furniture smaller terraces end up looking cluttered and large ones cavernous and empty. The trick is to avoid either wanting to fill every space or ending up in just one corner of a large expanse of tiles or marble. Neither is particularly attractive from a design point of view or likely to create the kind of space where you love being – and that is exactly what we’re after!

Most of us have moved on from the garden set, parasol and BBQ, but just placing a mock reed lounge and dining set possibly accompanied by a jungle of potted plants is not the answer either. Professional stylists create designs with wow factor because they assess each space with an open mind that sees endless possibilities, so take a page out of their book and resist the assumption that a terrace must have x, y and z. It can actually be anything YOU want it to be, so make it personal, stylish and suited to your lifestyle.

See the possibilities

So empty your mind and your terrace of clutter and start with a clean slate. A small terrace should be comfortable and intimate, which means that you should focus on the elements that are important and add value to the space. If your terrace is actually too small for a lounge and dining set decide which you need/want the most and leave the other one out. One idea is to create a comfortable, stylish lounge area with compact but tasteful furniture that you can also eat at. Add style and ambience with such details as lighting, candles and a modern sun sail, further enhanced with quirky details such as muslin curtains or a hammock. Also stick to a dominant decorative theme and colour tone, such as plain white or blue and white combinations to achieve a sense of style and harmony.

If your terrace is large you should create different zones such as a cosy, comfortable covered lounge area, an ambient dining area that makes the most of night sky views and a sun lover’s space with sunbeds, hammocks and the like. If you want to take things up a notch and you have the space, why not create your own chill-out lounge with bar? Some attractive lamps, large reclining cushions, muslin curtains and sun sails go a long way, and yes, a Jacuzzi can complement it all very nicely, but always make sure that there is a dominant tonal theme and enough breathing space between the different zones to ensure your personal chill-out zone is the sort of spot where you feel fantastic relaxing and entertaining. It can even become the highlight of your Marbella apartment or penthouse!