One of the glories of being a boutique interior design company is the liberating ability to work exactly as we would like, giving free rein to our creativity and permitting ourselves to commit totally to our clients in terms of time and energy.

Our ethos is to offer a tailored service that results in each property we work on having a unique interior look and ambience, often with custom made furniture designed specifically for the space we are working with.

For us the allure of interior design as a career is the capability of using our creative talents and hard-won skills on a daily basis—each day brings a new challenge, whether in simple refurbishments or complete renovations. Not for us the bland corporate world of designing a ‘lowest common denominator’ interior aimed at offending nobody intended to be shoehorned into every apartment in a development—we use flair and imagination to produce memorable eye-catching, tasteful interiors on a bespoke basis.

In order to achieve this we include each client in the design process—we talk to them and form a clear picture of the sort of lifestyle they envisage, any particular needs they may have and to gain an idea of their tastes and preferences. Once that is done we examine the property in question—whether it be a villa, apartment, restaurant, shop or boutique hotel—with uppermost in our thoughts the wonderful challenge of making each room totally unique, while at the same time following a well thought out theme.

The client is involved every step of the way so they can not only be sure they will love the finished article, but can also enjoy the process and know the result will be an expression of their personality. It is this sort of personal relationship with our customers that is central to our ethos and sets us apart from other firms. We don’t do interior design simply as a job but because we love the dedicated attention to detail and customer interaction inherent in our profession.

In fact, we are proud to say that we not only create stunning interiors, but often make new friends too.

Should you have a refurbishment or renovation project please contact us for a friendly consultation—we have available a skilled team of artisans to help turn your ideas into stunning creations.